Person-Centered Care

To us, our care goes far beyond the assistance we provide. After all, our residents make a life here. That’s why so much of what we do is about who you are as a person, what you enjoy and what makes you unique. And the result is a truly person-centered experience.

At BrightStar Senior Living of Madison, we recognize and cater to the individual needs, wishes, and abilities of our residents and, as a community, we promote the independence and individuality of each resident. From offering choices in day to day routines, such as meal options and dining times, and providing and offering activities that meet a variety of interests, to allowing each resident to express preferences in the routine and schedule of their care and more, we work collectively as a team to meet these requests and adequately support each resident.

What our residents and their families are saying: “My Mom is well into her 90’s, and I was very cautious about another move. But, everyone at BrightStar was so helpful. Bonnie and her team literally held the doors open for us.”

So tell us about yourself – your needs, your wants, your preferences. A hallmark of our person-centered care is collaborating with each of our residents to create an experience that is enriching, satisfying and, well, YOU.