About BrightStar Senior Living

BrightStar Senior Living was originally co-founded by Shelly Sun as a Home Care company in 2002 with the vision of promising Person-Centered Care of a Higher Standard. BrightStar Senior Living has been a beautiful evolution and extension of our in-home care brand with strong values and standards shining throughout the model.

A New Vision for Senior Living

Since 2002, BrightStar Care (our in-home care division) has experienced years of national excellence and has grown to over 300 locations in 38 states. Using the success of BrightStar Care as a foundation, Shelly expanded that original vision to senior housing and BrightStar Senior Living was born!

We bring deeply embedded concepts of person-centeredness and higher standards throughout all our operational policies and procedures tools, training and resources. It’s earned accreditation on the home care side from one of the nation’s oldest, largest and most respected accrediting bodies in healthcare, The Joint Commission. While The Joint Commission does not accredit assisted living or senior housing at this time, we follow those standards by requiring accreditation at the local level.

Shelly has always been mindful of keeping the model small and approachable. So as much as we can, we’ve been able to replicate a home-like experience. Our model of this beautiful, intimate small footprint, combined with our Person-Centered Higher Standard of home care has been a hallmark of Brightstar’s growth and development. Franchise locations are required to follow these national standards of the franchisor. With franchisees being locally owned and operated, owners are deeply involved and invested.


Hear directly from our founder, Shelly Sun, on how BrightStar Senior Living delivers a Higher Standard of assisted living care.

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