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Safely Transitioning Mom or Dad into Assisted Living

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You’re ready. After all the conversations, research, budget-making and community tours, it’s time to help your aging parent or loved one make the move to a senior living community. Even if you feel confident about the community you’ve chosen and the decision you and your family have made, taking the next step isn’t easy—for you or your mom or dad.

Your loved one’s routine and lifestyle are about to change in some big and important ways. And no matter how well you plan or prepare for those changes, there will be probably be a few surprises, setbacks and nagging doubts along the way. But with the help of family and friends—and a supportive assisted living community that’s ready to provide personal, individualized care—your family can make a safe and successful transition to assisted living.

At BrightStar Senior Living, we believe recognizing every person’s need for beauty, dignity, connection, joy and individuality is the key to helping our residents continue to live rewarding and meaningful lives. And each of those values can play an important role in helping your aging parent or loved one find their way in their new home, too.



Gardens, gourmet meals and luxurious amenities are always welcome. But without personal touches, even the most beautiful surroundings can feel sterile. Moving into an assisted living household can mean leaving a few belongings behind. Find a place for those familiar items that mean the most, like photos or mementos, a personal library, a favorite blanket or comfy chair.



It’s often hard to adapt to the new rules and rhythms of an assisted living home. But the right community will flex to accommodate your loved one’s needs and routine in a way that protects everyone’s safety and wellbeing. Advocating for older adults who may hesitate to rock the boat in their new home isn’t just one of your many responsibilities. It’s important for your entire family’s peace of mind.



With lots of activities and new neighbors to meet, senior living communities can ease the isolation many adults feel as they age. But making those first connections isn’t always easy. How can you help? Consider planning a few visits from family and friends, or getting to know their new community’s staff and residents, while also giving your parent the space to spread their wings on their own.


You worked hard to find a community your mom or dad could truly enjoy, with the care, programming and amenities they need to live a comfortable life. But there will still be tough days ahead. Instead of talking up all the great things their new community offers when a loved one voices fears and concerns, just listen. You can’t force joy, but you can offer comfort and a friendly ear as your parent adjusts to a new home.


BrightStar communities offer personal, individualized care because every person has unique experiences and needs. Remember to help yourself and your family avoid unrealistic expectations as your loved one settles in to assisted living. Whether your mom or dad’s transition is rocky or smooth, you know your parent best—so trust your own instincts when family and friends offer opinions and advice.

Joining an assisted living community is a challenge for your whole family. You’ll feel relief and happiness, you’ll have questions and doubts. But there’s no doubt you and your love one can complete the transition successfully, with the support of your family and friends, and the new caregivers and community you’ve chosen.

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