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Patsy Wills

Director of Dining

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Patsy has played a strong role in the develop of our community operations. We are proud of her continuous development and career growth within our community.

Patsy says, “I’m in this industry to serve people with love and joy in everything I do, it is something my dad taught me. I came to Brightstar through an agency and fell in love with the community culture, leadership and most importantly, our residents. When I was offered to stay full time, God had placed me exactly where I needed to be.”

Her drive for perfecting our residents 5-star dining experience has opened the door to being our Dining room supervisor as she goes above and beyond to customize our residents’ experience. Patsy understands the needs to meet our community’s various cultural groups as she has a unique service towards making everyone feel at home. She supervises successfully managing state guidelines as she ensures the production of food that meets the BrightStar Standard.

Patsy leads cooking demonstrations that are hands-on as they are an effective way to bring back memories and keep food traditions alive. We love that she does such a great job at accessing these valuable memories of our loved ones past adventures.

Her philosophy to seeing food has the power to bring people together like almost nothing else bright pure joy to our community. Patsy has a new way to turn the dining table into a top spot for engagement. She has an incredible heart for serving our seniors as she works along the side of our registered dietarians to meet daily nutrition value. Giving our loved ones healthy, diverse, and exciting engaging opportunities that appeal to our resident’s love for food as they have various options to choose from daily.

If you have not got the chance to get to know Patsy to experience her art of delicious, you should!

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