Senior Living
that Celebrates Home

It’s all about living well

Sometimes it’s the little things, like making a favorite cookie recipe. Meeting a friend for coffee. Or getting a little spiffed up at the salon. We put big effort into making the little moments that are important to you, all in a beautiful setting. We’re here to make home more than where you live.

It’s a senior care experience we bring to life each day that’s guided by five simple words – Joy, Dignity, Beauty, Connection and Individuality. Together, these commitments create that special feeling that makes a place more than just somewhere to live.

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What Really Matters –
The Five Promise Words


A look. A word. A smile. Joy can be so, so simple. And it can come in larger packages as well when trying a new outing, making a new friend or experiencing a new exercise activity. Large or small, we make it our daily mission to surround and engage our residents with the people, interests and opportunities that bring them their unique joy.


Every BrightStar Senior Living® staff member follows a clear directive to respect each resident for who they are. As it should be. We work hard to help people feel and look their best. We respect and celebrate individual abilities. We provide choices. We foster independence via thoughtful and purposeful design. We customize care and experiences based on upholding the highest regard for society’s most cherished assets: the seniors we love.


It’s on the inside. And it’s on the outside. How we feel about ourselves. And how we perceive what’s around us. It energizes, stimulates and revitalizes us, which is why we surround our residents with beauty at every turn. From a serene terrace, a lovely garden with a soundtrack of songbirds, and bright sunlight streaming into suites and beautifully appointed living spaces, daily living looks very good here. We’ve got inner and outer beauty covered.


The human need for connection is a positive, powerful force within us all. So we’ve created communities where one can continue social connections from the past, like faith, school, friends and family, with new connections, friendships and interests that can further enhance the now. Engaging activities and social interaction make it easy to feel connected to our community, no matter what stage of life’s path our residents are on. We’re proud that many residents’ family members also feel a part of our community, because to us, when community works best, it feels like family.


Recognizing and caring for the individual is at the core of everything we do. We call it Person-Centered Care. It’s about respecting where each person is at on his or her journey. Crafting personalized routines. Finding social activities that fit every lifestyle. Learning and sharing the cultural and religious traditions of our community members. And celebrating residents by featuring special items from their lives displayed inside and outside of each suite. We help each person be who they really want to be every day.

Simon enjoys the daily personalized care he receives. He’s a regular with the afternoon cards crew, playing gin rummy and enjoying a coffee in the BrightStar Bistro. Come summer, he lends a green thumb to the herbs in the vegetable garden.
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