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Cristina Rodriguez Quiroz


I obtained an Associate’s Degree in Applied Arts from Madison Area Technical College and I am a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant.. For my Fieldwork experience, I got placed in Mendota Mental Health and Oakwood Village. In those two settings, I worked on different activities to maintain function and/or enhance the quality of life of the residents/patients. That experience has helped enhance my role as a Life Enrichment Coordinator.

What attracted you to a career supporting and caring for older adults?

I consider myself a people person and I’m always looking for ways to help others. While being in the OTA program, I had the mindset that I wanted to work with children, but after my Fieldwork Experience and working with the geriatric population, I found that I enjoyed helping them. It’s a great accomplishment and feels highly rewarding knowing that I can help with their quality of life with a day full of laughter and fun activities.

What makes Brightstar Senior Living unique?

Brightstar Senior Living is unique because we only care for 30 residents. Having a small community helps because I get to know the residents better. I can pay more attention to details and overall provide more personal care for each individual.

What are you passionate about in your role?

I am passionate about helping the residents make new memories that bring joy to their life and they can share with their families, friends and other residents. I look forward to building strong relationships with residents who can give me advice, share stories about their past and teach me new skills. I want to ensure that the older generation is being well cared for day by day.

What brand promise word do you connect with and why?

Joy and connection are the brand promise words I connect with because I want to be able build good rapport with resident/individual in order to be able to enrich their lives with activities that bring them joy.

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