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Dave Scheidell

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I received my B.S. in Marketing from Edgewood College in Madison, WI in 2005. Here I learned the importance of strong community involvement and making sure that each client, individual & party alike were heard and valued. I was a Family Service Counselor at Roselawn Memorial Park in Monona, WI for over 8 years and an Advanced Planning & Aftercare Specialist at Gunderson Funeral Home for 2+ years here in Dane County.

What attracted you to a career supporting and caring for older adults?

Working within the Senior Advocacy Profession for the past 10 years + has allowed me to help and support families at there deepest time of need. Being able to create a lasting memory does not only help those closest to the loved one, but all those that they have had an impression on. Seeing families come together to find the positives is beyond gratifying.

What makes BrightStar Senior Living unique?

BrightStar is unique in so many ways. The close-knit family feeling you get when you enter our community, the high quality compassionate care provided with personal connections and the peace of mind we can give loved ones.

What are you passionate about in your role?

I am most passionate about providing a better quality of life for everyone. This gives me the opportunity to not only provide a comfortable, safe and at home feel for our residents, but peace of mind to the family knowing that is what we do, and will continue to do.

What brand promise do you connect with and why?

Though I connect with all of them, Connection would have to be where I relate the most. By being able to connect with not only the residents, but all parts of the family allows me to be a part of what is needed for the entire family. Peace of Mind, safety, healthy living and day to day interaction is a key role of everyone’s’ everyday lives.

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