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Morgan Askey

Director of Health and Wellness

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I have always known that Nursing was the field for me. Right out of high school, I received my Certified Nursing Assistant certificate from Madison College. I first worked as a CNA at St. Mary’s hospital on an orthopedic/urology unit and then moved to Agrace Hospice on the inpatient unit.  During this time, I finished my nursing degree through Herzing University. I worked at Agrace Hospice for a year as a Nurse before coming to BrightStar Senior Living.  Entering my third year with BrightStar is an exciting experience, I feel confident about the quality care we are providing and enjoy helping others find success in their role.

What attracted you to a career supporting and caring for older adults?

Quality of life and individualism is something I have always been passionate about. As individuals age, become ill, or advance in a disease process it can be hard to maintain quality of life and individualism. I have always been passionate about helping older adults maintain both of those things as they lose control of something that they have no power over.


What makes BrightStar Senior Living unique? 

The small community! It is a very personable place to work, everyone is family and is treated like it from the second you walk through the door. 

What are you passionate about in your role?

I am passionate about learning every individual resident’s life story. What they used to do, what is important to them, and what I can do as the Nurse to ensure the important things stick with them. I want every resident to feel at home, to ask questions when they don’t understand, and feel comforted knowing they can trust me.

What brand promise word do you connect with and why?

Dignity is the brand promise word I connect with because I believe that regardless of the stage in an individual’s aging or disease process they should be treated and respected like the person they have always been.

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