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Assisted Living in Mason, OH

Our State-Of-The-Art Senior Living Communities

At BrightStar Senior Living, we strive to create a relaxing, fulfilling, and personalized environment for our senior residents. Our assisted living helps Mason, OH individuals and couples of various abilities live fulfilling lifestyles. With chef-prepared meals, medication and medical assistance, and more, you and your loved one can feel comfortable using our services. We know that taking the step into this next chapter can be daunting. Our team reacts to your concerns with compassion and knowledge, ensuring your transition into this rewarding period of your life is seamless.

Our Comprehensive Senior Care Programming

We offer a vast array of services at BrightStar Senior Living. Our talented team is capable of creating personalized plans that match each individual’s unique needs and desires. We are experienced and compassionate, and we understand all the nuances of senior care. At our community, we offer the following:

  • Senior Living: Senior living is a rewarding chapter in your life. We will craft a customized plan to help you enter it. We encourage our residents to be themselves and explore their interests by providing numerous socialization opportunities and invaluable structure. If you or your loved one has mobility issues, has a home that is increasingly difficult to get around in, or has medical or dietary concerns, then our programs are perfect.
  • Memory Care: Residents with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia require special care. As a loved one, you want to make sure your parents or grandparents are taken care of. Our person-centered memory care programs help to create a fulfilling life for residents who need it. We create structured, supported daily routines that help maintain a stable schedule. This program enhances memory through repetition and a dedication to personalized and compassionate care.
  • Assisted Living: As with all of our programs, assisted living begins with a personalized care plan. We perform an assessment that touches on three vital areas: medication support, wellness, and personal care. We get to know prospective residents and discover their needs and gauge their personalities. We need to understand each resident’s unique requirements. Our person-centered care philosophy mandates that we do so.

We Are Excited to Help Your Loved One

At BrightStar Senior Living, our team is energized each day by the new and inventive programming we have to enhance our residents’ quality of life. We offer a rich and balanced lifestyle for each resident, from community service projects like Letters to Soldiers to Lifelong Learning programs. We make sure to schedule each day with enriching programs, so your loved one always has something to do. Other highlights in our weekly programming include hand massages, manicures, and beauty days.

Contact BrightStar Senior Living To Get Started

BrightStar Senior Living is located in the heart of Mason, just minutes from historic downtown. It is conveniently accessible by both I-71 and I-75. The community sits next to a beautiful, preserved wooded area that offers natural views from the second-story patio and terrace area. Our residents live in an attractive residential apartment complete with open floor plans, a glass fireplace, and furnishings. If you or a loved one is ready to take the next step, then contact us today.




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