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We Specialize in Memory Care Services

BrightStar Senior Living offers an array of assisted living and memory care services for residents in our communities throughout the country. We have convenient locations in Mason, OH; Fort Wayne, IN; Madison WI; and Waunakee, WI. Our highly-trained, compassionate caregivers are committed to ensuring your loved one receives the attention he or she deserves in an engaging environment that enables everyone to live life to the fullest. We offer a broad spectrum of memory care services to meet needs ranging from daily memory support to complex advanced dementia care. Our staff takes a person-centered approach to caregiving, so you can rest assured your loved one is receiving individualized attention based on his or her abilities. If you are considering memory care services in the Midwest, call us today to learn more.

What Is Memory Care?

Memory care is a specialized form of assistance for seniors living with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. These progressive ailments gradually make managing everyday life challenging. BrightStar Senior Living offers memory care services tailored to each individual. Whether your loved one is in the early stages of memory loss or has an advanced case of dementia, we will provide the necessary intensive care. Our team has undergone extensive training to understand the best ways to treat dementia patients, and our communities are configured in ways that minimize the risk.

How Memory Care Differs From Assisted Living

Our memory care and assisted living services both encompass a person-centered approach. Every resident has different needs and abilities, so we tailor our services accordingly. However, assisted living is designed for those who are still relatively self-sufficient. Our assisted living residents need help with some daily tasks such as bathing or managing medication, but they can otherwise engage in activities on their own and maintain their independence. Memory care adds an element of safety and security for seniors living with dementia. Our memory care program offers activities that help improve residents’ cognitive abilities while they enjoy their favorite hobbies.

Selecting a Dementia Care Community

The staff at BrightStar Senior Living is confident you and your loved one will be satisfied with our expertise, but we encourage you to explore your options before committing to a dementia care community. We want the fit to be perfect, which is why we make every effort to understand the level of care you need. Our team wants to be the one to assist you. Factors to consider when selecting a memory care provider include:

  • Physical Environment – It is important to account for the layout of a community to minimize the potential for getting frustrated or lost.
  • Staff – Your loved one will spend an abundance of time with staff members, so it is essential for these caregivers to be compassionate and experienced.
  • Activities – Among the best ways to slow the progression of dementia are performing activities that boost cognitive ability.

What Does Memory Care Include?

Every memory care plan is different. We will meet with you and your loved one to determine the best way to provide assistance while still encouraging a manageable level of independence. We arrange our communities to ensure both are possible. Among the benefits of memory care are:

  • Daily routines that help our residents maintain a rhythm and enjoy unique things to do
  • Environmental cues to aid with directional, seasonal, and time-of-day orientation
  • Community design that optimizes function and navigation
  • Purposeful daily programming scheduled by a full-time Life Enrichment Coordinator
  • Specialized behavioral approaches
  • IN2L – a computer system that provides cognitive connection and stimulation
  • Comprehensive medication management program

Why You Should Choose BrightStar Senior Living

BrightStar Senior Living’s compassionate team of caregivers is eager to provide a person-centered care to each of our residents. We hold each of our staff members to a standard of excellence you will not find anywhere else, so you can rest assured knowing your loved one is getting the best dementia care available.

Contact BrightStar Senior Living Today

Memory loss and dementia are cruel diseases that make independent living nearly impossible. Though we know you may want to care for your loved one at home, we invite you to visit BrightStar Senior Living to learn more about how our professionals can help your family member thrive and continue to live life to the fullest. Contact us today to request information.

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