Choosing Senior Living


How do you know? Sometimes Mom or Dad can make the decision for themselves. And sometimes, their adult children need to make the decision. For all of us, choosing the best transition becomes clearer with information, professional advice and the right help. We understand that making the senior living transition for a loved one comes with no shortage of options.

How do you know if it’s the right time for senior living?

If you ask around, you’ll hear how our BrightStar Senior Living communities provide excellence in Person-Centered Care that is truly different from the rest. But if any of the following situations sound familiar, it’s time to transition to the right senior living community for them.

Everyday mobility issues

  • Your loved one is using a device like a cane, wheelchair, walker and/or stability bars, making simple mobility in and around the home a challenge; the greater the need for easy mobility with an assisted device, the greater the need to live in a facility made for these devices.
  • Your loved one’s daily routine includes activities that are more difficult or impossible to do alone, like going up stairs, bathing, traveling to outside activities, cooking, and cleaning.
  • The size of your loved one’s living quarters doesn’t match his/her needs; it may be too small to be comfortable or too big to keep up with daily and seasonal chores.
  • Your loved one’s neighbors aren’t skilled, able or can no longer engage in the daily well-being of your loved one.

Medical and dietary concerns

  • Your loved one has trouble remembering and taking medications.
  • Your loved one has special dietary needs that must be taken into consideration.Going to the grocery store alone is difficult or impossible. She/he needs assistance shopping for and/or preparing items to meet dietary needs.

Safety issues

  • Barriers, like stairs, difficult doors, rough or uneven walkways, and tasks like bathing and outdoor terrain around the home makes his/her living situation unsafe.
  • Your loved one’s living quarters aren’t 100% secure, and make it easy for unwelcome visits from scammers or solicitors.

Family logistics

  • Family members don’t live nearby and don’t spend much time with them, even if they are not providing daily care.

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